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Being a leading & reliable roofing service company in Mississauga, AZ roofers provides comprehensive roofing solutions with reliability, dedication, and honesty for decades. Whether you require flat roof replacement for your residence or commercial roof repairs, we have the industry-best roofers in Mississauga to help your job done effectively, even in your emergencies. We know that satisfaction matters, especially when it is a roof construction project. When you trust our team, expect superior craftsmanship, top-grade materials, advanced technology, and much more with AZ Roofers, the top roofing company providing in Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon & Milton.

Services offered by the best roofing company

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Roof Repair

Sometimes it is tricky to figure out the reasons for a damaged roof. Some common causes of signing your roof requires repair work are water stains on the ceilings or walls, missing and damaged shingles, mold, sagging roof, and others. If you have any of these issues, you must consider Mississauga roof repair to bring back the elegance of your roof. AZ roofers is one of the top roofing companies in Mississauga to support you with the best roofing solutions within your budget.


We have nationwide-recognized roofing contractors to inspect and repair the damage as soon as possible without disturbing the other part of the building. Our roofing technicians have many years of experience and the most efficient practices to accept any type of roofing challenges to keep your place secure and comfortable.

Roof Replacement

For many reasons, like leakage, age, and weather damage, your home needs a roof replacement in Mississauga or, Brampton. If your roof seems poor and accident-prone, don’t waste your time, but call a certified roofing service company with a reputation of excellence. AZ Roofers provides unparallel roofing construction in Ontario cities. Our contractors do their best to remove and prevent the issues associated with a damaged roof and protect your building, at least for the next 40 years.


Our roof replacement service is hassle-free and safe. In emergency roof replacement, you have instant support with improved technology and procedures. We guarantee a debris-free and safe roof replacement in Caledon, Brampton, Milton & Mississauga to bring back the peace and comfort in your family. Give us a call for top-notch roof replacement in your place.

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Commercial Roofing

Not only do we serve quality roofing services, but we are certified commercial roofing contractors offering a range of commercial roofing, including repairs and replacement services. Our knowledgeable team at AZ Roofers specializes in commercial roof installation, replacement, and repair, considering the utmost safety and aesthetics of your building.


From the inspection level to the design phase and project completion, we focus on your satisfaction and security. It is our commitment not to sacrifice quality being one of the best local commercial roofing companies in the city. While dealing with a commercial roof, our professionals evaluate all necessary issues including roofing materials, procedures, tools, and others considering your preferences and budget. For top-notch commercial roofing services in Ontario-based cities, contact us today.

Flat Roof Repair and Replacement

If you have a commercial building with a flat roof, or a residential flat, roof leakage is very common. It damages your roof badly. Thus, you need regular inspection and maintenance offered by the best flat roofing company. At AZ Roofers, we have a team of certified flat roof repair contractors who determine the best possible solutions and repair the leaked or damaged roof efficiently.


A flat roof repair can range from an easy fix to an entire flat roof replacement. Considering the age of the roof, the condition of the damage, and the insurance coverage, the contractors of the best roofing company help you take the right decision that will be beneficial and cost-effective for you.

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Shingle Replacement 

While shingles are the most common roofing material in Canada, they get damaged fast by the variation of climates. AZ Roofers, the reputed roofing service company in Mississauga, offers an array of roofing services including shingle replacement, repair, and installation. 

Our roofers have the highest standard and years of expertise to match a variety of shingle types and colors, not only to add style to the building but to strengthen the features of your roof. When you need the most reliable shingle replacement company in Milton, Caledon or Brampton look no further than AZ Roofers. Your residential or commercial building is safe and comfortable with aesthetic features when you are with one of the top roofing companies of your province.

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