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3 Types Of Asphalt Shingles Used By Local Roofing Company In Mississauga

The shingle replacement of your roof should always be done with the right kind of materials and the right type of shingle. While there are several types of shingles like tile, wood, and slate, it is always recommended to use asphalt shingles. Different types of asphalt shingles can be used for shingle replacement for your roof in Mississauga.

Two types of materials can be used to create asphalt. The better the material, the sturdier will be your shingle replacement. One is fibreglass and the other is an organic base mat.

Coated with asphalt and then ceramic granules, fibreglass base mats are basically made to make them more fire-resistant and incredibly durable. On the other hand, organic base-mat is made with organic material. Afterwards, it is coated in a layer of asphalt and embedded with ceramic granules. These are more malleable but heavier than fibreglass. There are three types of asphalt shingles for shingle replacement for your roof.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

This is the most common shingle used by most homeowners in Mississauga. These are the most affordable and easily available shingles which also come in different colours and styles. The three different types of asphalt shingles are three-tab asphalt, asphalt fibreglass 3D, and architectural shingles. You can choose any one of them according to your choice.

Three-Tab Asphalt Shingles

The very basic asphalt shingles are three-tab asphalt shingles which are also comparatively less expensive than other shingles. It can be easily recognized due to its one-dimensional pattern. Each shingle has three tabs that are useful for installing on the roof, thus the name three-tab. Although they are less expensive, they can easily get destroyed due to age and harsh weather conditions. But the advantage is if you want to, you can easily repair them or even try for shingle replacement.

Architectural Asphalt Shingles

Another name for architectural asphalt shingle is laminate shingle as they are more durable than the above-mentioned shingle. Also, these shingles come in a varying range of colours and styles. You can expect them to last as long as 30 years if maintained properly. They are also costlier than the three-tab shingles. A lot of homeowners in Mississauga are preferring these shingles over any other. If you want to give a more luxurious look to your house, you can choose this shingle.

 Asphalt Fiberglass 3D

The third and last type of asphalt shingle is the asphalt fibreglass 3D. These dimensional shingles are made from asphalt and fibreglass. These are different from the other two as they are highly sculpted giving these a unique design. These shingles are the most expensive of all asphalt shingles and won’t look good on shallow-pitch roofs.

So, you can consult your roofing contractors in Mississauga in order to choose your choice of shingle for shingle replacement.

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